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22.01.2011 Ivonka Survilla to Dalia Grybauskaitė:
”Lukashenka Is the Main Threat to Sovereignty”

The head of the Rada of the BNR, Ivonka Survilla, sent an open letter to the president of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė about her statement on the priorities of the European Union concerning the elections in Belarus.
22.01.2011 30 Minutes after Four Years of Silence
... Anxious to show the EU that there has been some progress toward a better election process, the regime was forced to make some concessions concerning its monopoly over the broadcast media. For the first time since 1994, every candidate was given the opportunity to make two 30-minute, live TV addresses to the nation. For most, it was the first time they had been on television.
22.01.2011 The Center for Belarusian Studies Translation Initiative:
Access to Global Discourse, Critical Thinking, and Belarusian Civil Society

In October of 2009, the Center for Belarusian Studies brought together specialists in higher education from Belarus and North America in order to encourage exchange about conditions in higher education in Belarus, including the repercussions of censorship and state control on the building of a healthy civil society. One of the key strategies identified at this event focused on the absence of critical, globally derived/engaged discourse in the Belarusian language for use at the university level. The absence of such discourse, it was and is argued, severely affects the development of critical thinking and the recognition of personal investment in societal change.
06.07.2010 Milinkevich: Democracy Ensured on the Streets
In case of victory, Milinkevich promises $10 billion in investments for the Belarusian economy, reforms for courts, healthcare and utilities, European education for the youth and no nuclear power plant for environmentalists. The launch of his presidentil bid in our photo and video report.
06.07.2010 600th Anniversary of the Grunwald Battle
A joint march to the Grunwald (Dubrouna) battleground is being planned to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the 1410 victory over the Teutonic Order. The victory by the combined forces of the Grand Duchy of Litva and Poland stopped the eastward push of the then mighty Teutonic Order.
02.07.2010 National Park ”Bielaviežskaja Pušča” and the Council Of Europe Diploma
The Council of Europe (CoE) diploma is a prestigious award, used to distinguish successful management of national parks and reserves in the realm of environmental protection. It is issued for 5-year terms , after expiration of which the awardees must confirm their validity. The National Park ”Bielaviežskaja Pušča” was awarded the Diploma in 1997; however, ten years later the Diploma has been temporarily suspended for the Belarusian as well as for the Polish parts of the national park.
13.04.2010 Kosciuszko Honored At His Birthplace
The estate, where Tadeusz Kosciuszko was born, is situated in the village of Merachoushchyna (the Ivatsevichy district, the Brest region). Opposition leaders, foreign diplomats, cultural figures, historians, public representatives, journalists, local inhabitants and Belarusians from all over Belarus came to pay tribute to the memory of the great son of Belarus.
13.04.2010 In The Land Of Yanukovych
The residents of one Belarusian village were particularly interested in the results of the Ukrainian election.
11.01.2010 The Wall That Didnt Come Down
When change comes to Belarus, its leaders will likely be today’s youthful activists rather than the aging, fractious “opposition.”
11.01.2010 European Union Disappointed with Lack of Change in Belarus
A meeting of the European Union Council of foreign ministers in Brussels on November 16-17 opted to continue restrictions on travel by Belarusian government officials to its member states. However, to encourage the Belarusian side to improve its domestic situation, the ban was suspended for a further eleven months, expiring in October 2010.
11.01.2010 BIB Will Defend Belarus National Interests
The chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front says the creation of the Belarusian Independent Bloc is a historic event.
11.01.2010 Minsk Forum: Belarus and EU Far Apart
The Minsk Forum took place on November 4th to 6th in Minsk. A year ago at a similar representative assembly, Head of the Presidential Administration Uladzimier Makiej made a sensational announcement – that the independent newspapers Nasha Niva and Narodnaya Vola would be included in the state system of distribution.
11.10.2009 The New Life Church Appeals to UN
The Protestant community is struggling to keep its prayer house, which the Minsk authorities have already declared as property of the city.
11.10.2009 Belarusian Should Be Belarus Sole Official Language
"It is necessary to restore the status of Belarusian language as the sole official language in Belarus," said Ales Marachkin, the outgoing chairman of the World Association of Belarusians BATSKAUSHCHYNA, in his speech at the Fifth Congress of Belarusians of the World, which began in Minsk on Saturday, July 18..
11.10.2009 KGB Targets the Opposition
Humiliating treatment of Franak Vyachorka in the military unit has aggravated: he is being forced to speak Russian and constantly searched.
11.10.2009 Summer Solstice Festivity — Kupalle
In the very center of Minsk there is a place where the River Svislach makes a wide curve between the October and Victory squares. This meander nests an oasis of old moss-covered maples and trembling aspens. This park is named after a famous Belarusian poet and writer Yanka Kupala. It hosts the poet’s museum, his statue, and a fountain that features two nude, yet innocent-looking, bronze-cast girls throwing garlands into the water. Unlike the Gorky Park, which is right across the main avenue and is always full of young families with clouds of candy floss in their hands, the Kupala Park is a quiet place, suitable for reflection and tranquillity.
11.10.2009 Fifth Congress of Worlds Belarusians
The fifth congress of world’s Belarusians was held on July 18-19, 2009 in Minsk. Over 200 delegates from 17 countries attended.
04.07.2009 Role of a Government in Exile
This article, originally a part of a presentation by the author, explores conditions that have affected Belarusian self-government since the early 20th century. The stresses of the Soviet period forced a new Government into exile and its operations beyond the borders of Belarus. In order to understand the present plight of this European nation, there is a need to consider the recent experiential history of Belarus and Belarusians.
04.07.2009 Opposition Delivers Its Roadmap
Belarusian opposition leaders handed a Belarus democratization roadmap to a US Congress delegation during a meeting in Vilnius on Thursday, April 16, BelaPAN reported.
04.07.2009 March 25 in Minsk. Dictatorships scare
Thousands of interior troops' soldiers were brought to Minsk on March 25. On the day when the country was celebrating the anniversary of proclamation of the Belarusian National Republic, the authorities in fact imposed a state of emergency in the capital.
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