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02.07.2010 Fate of Isolated Minorities: Lusatia - Podlachia
Běchmy, smy... Budźemy! (We Were, Are… Will Be!)
02.07.2010 Belarusians in the Battle of Grunwald
The role of Belarusians in the Battle of Grunwald
13.04.2010 Russian Tourists Ignorant About Belarus
Vienna, January 29 – Minsk tour guides say that nearly 20 years after Belarus acquired its independence, Russian visitors to their country still cannot deal with the reality that Belarus is an independent country and that Belarusians are a separate nation with a separate language, culture, and tradition.
25.03.2009 Belarus Creative Opposition
CONTINUATION of an article in the Winter 2008 issue of BELARUSIAN REVIEW.
25.03.2009 Cracking the Francysk Skaryna Code
This man studied and lived in several countries, shuttled across Europe, went in and out of prison, worked as a publisher, doctor, gardener, with his interests ranging from the art of woodcut to translation, and, possibly, even Kabbalah. Now, here is the best part – he managed to do all these things five centuries ago without any Internet, budget airlines and time management courses.
24.03.2009 BELARUSICA
A German scholarly journal Osteuropa-Recht, in its September 2008 issue, published an article written by Kiryl Kascian, a Belarusian researcher of European law, who is pursuing his PhD thesis at the University of Bremen (Germany), entitled “Die Litauische Verfassung und die Auslegung des Begriffs “Volk” in historischer Perspektive” (Constitution of Lithuania and its Interpretation of “Nation” in a Historical Perspective, „Osteuropa-Recht“, 5/2008, pp. 290-297).
15.01.2009 Belarus Creative Opposition
Belarus is often called “Europe’s black hole” and is best known for its dictator Alexander Lukashenka and the 1986 Chernobyl Disaster. Indeed, with its statues of Lenin, KGB, socialist realist buildings and collective farms, time seems to have stopped in Belarus, where the Soviet Union still lives. But behind the country’s closed borders, an exciting and vibrant youth scene is alive and well, producing alternative culture underground in dorms, music clubs, informal groups, artistic communities and cyberspace.
15.01.2009 NGOs Face Drastic Rise in Rents
A new admistrative decree for non-government institutions and organizations in Belarus’ has been signed by the head of state Aliaksandr Lukashenka on April 24th, 2008
05.01.2009 Beijing Olympics Results: Belarus Wins 19 Medals
During the 29th Olympic Games, held in Beijing, China in August 8-24, 2008, Belarusian athletes posted some remarkable achievements; 1 world record, 2 olympic records and 19 medals ( 4 golds, 5 silvers , 10 bronze ). In the overall ranking Belarus placed 16th among 88 participating countries.
05.01.2009 BATE Barysau Reached Group Stage of Champions League!
BATE held Bulgarian Levski to a 1-1 draw on 27 August in Barysau for a 2:1 on aggregate. BATE Barysau is the first Belarusian club to reach the group stage of the Champions League.
10.07.2008 The Castle in Niasvizh: Restored or Gradually Demolished?
In an interview with Nasha Niva, architect Uladzimir Papruha, the former chief state inspector of architectural monuments, expressed his shock and dismay at the direction of restoration activities now carried out in the historical castle in Niasvizh.
02.05.2008 Poetry on Tiptoes
Andrey Khadanovich attracts hundreds of people with his poems and believes that Lukashenka has saved Belarusian literature.
02.05.2008 Valzhyna Mort — Factory of Tears
Copper Canyon, Apr. 2008. translated. from Belarusian by Elizabeth Wright & Franz Wright.
ISBN 978-1-55659-274-4. pap. $15
05.07.2007 Belarusian Athlete Defeats Famous Rivals
Andrey Krauchanka, a 21-year old Belarusian became a sensational winner of a world-renowned decathlon meet in Götzis, Austria on May 27, 2007.
22.10.2006 First Center For Belarusian Studies in the United States
On July 11, 2006, Southwestern College announced the establishment of the Center for Belarusian Studies at the college's main campus in Winfield, Kansas. The Center is the first in the United States devoted exclusively to the academic study of Belarus and Belarusians. The Center is a joint endeavor between the College and The European Humanities University Foundation, Inc., the latter terminating its activities with the creation of the new entity.
22.10.2006 English-Belarusian Dictionary Published in Minsk
In August 2006, after decades of preparation, a comprehensive English-Belarusian Dictionary has been published in Minsk. The dictionary has over 30,000 entries. The Belarusian language parts of the Dictionary use the classical orthography, while the English portions use the American variant of the English language.
21.10.2006 Belarusians Placed 3rd in European Track-and-Field Championships
Göteborg, Sweden : In the European championships, held in August 2006, Belarusian athletes won 4 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals, placing third behind the powerful Russian and German squads.
26.06.2006 Belarusian Ice Hockey Matures
This year's ice hockey World Championship was held in May in Latvia's capital city of Riga. After years of varied successes in 2006 Winter Olympics and earlier international competitions, Belarus' national team really "arrived" and became a respected member of world's ice hockey elite.
26.06.2006 Bialatski Considered for Nobel Peace Prize
The 43-year old Belarusian human rights defender Ales Bialatski has been nominated for the Nobel peace prize.
26.06.2006 A Sense of Place: Stories from Belarus
Paul Miller, a third generation American, was intrigued by his grandmother's stories about life in the shtetl in what is now newly independent Belarus. He had long wanted to see the place for himself. What finally helped him to decide was when he met his second cousin Arkadi Falevich, a Minsk businessman who came to the States to attend an electrical trade show, and who offered to be his guide.
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