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23.01.2011 Opinion - The EU Has no Choice But to Continue Dialogue With Belarus
Europe should condemn Lukashenko's harsh suppression of opposition protests,å says Deutsche Welle's Ingo Mannteufel — but there is no way it can avoid engaging in dialogue with his regime.It was clear from the start that incumbent Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko would have himself declared the resounding winner of the election, just as it was clear that afterwards, he would not be soft on the opposition. The adeptly staged polls were meant to simulate liberalisation without allowing any real democratic change to take place.
23.01.2011 In Belarus, a Slide Toward Eastern Aggression
On Sunday, the nation of Belarus held presidential elections. On Sunday evening, the police officers of Belarus handed out their verdict. By midnight, tens of thousands of people had been chased out of the main square in central Minsk, hundreds had been arrested and hundreds more severely beaten. Young people limped away from demonstrations with broken arms, bloody heads. Seven out of nine Belarusan presidential candidates were in jail.
23.01.2011 Belarus Police Arrest Opposition Leaders
Minsk, Belarus — The government of president Alexander G. Lukashenko on Monday carried out a sweeping crackdown on opposition leaders and their supporters, making arrests that drew scathing condemnations from western governments and seemed to imperil recent efforts to improve relations.
23.01.2011 Wrong Carrot, Wrong Stick
.... Carrots and sticks are a good way of moving the recalcitrant, in agriculture and geopolitics alike. But what if the donkey is too thick-skinned to mind about the stick and says he prefers thistles to carrots?
23.01.2011 Belarus: That’s enough democracy
There is not much keeping Alexander Lukashenko’s unpleasant regime from collapsing
23.01.2011 No Business as Usual
The following is the conclusion of an Economist blog by Edward Lewis, dated December 23, 2010. In his blog the author questions some of the premises stated in a New York Times article by the four European Foreign Ministers “Lukashenka the Loser”
23.01.2011 Blood and Special Operations in Belarus Politics
Presidential candidates severely beaten. Almost 700 protesters arrested. Criminal charges filed, and some recantations issued by protest participants that are reminiscent of Stalin's 1930s show trials. Ongoing arrests. House searches. These are the results of this year's presidential election in Belarus.
23.01.2011 A backfire in Belarus
For several years, diplomats in the European Union have nourished the notion that Belarusan President Alexander Lukashenko, long known as "Europe's last dictator," could be teased away from his alliance with Russia and induced to lead his country toward genuine independence and democracy. On Sunday night, that project blew up in Minsk's Independence Square.
23.01.2011 A Nasty Surprise in Belarus
A rigged vote and an orgy of repressive violence demand a tough response from the West
22.01.2011 OSCE Media Freedom Representative: Belarus Needs Media Pluralism
MINSK, 27 October 2010 - Belarusian media and society need media pluralism, the OSCE Representative on Media Freedom, Dunja Mijatovic, said today, adding that her office is ready to offer support and advice as the country liberalizes and modernizes its media policy.
22.01.2011 Russia Concedes to Belarus On Oil Exports Duties
1 Week Before Election in Minsk

MOSCOW (AP) - Russia has agreed to scrap duties on oil it supplies to Belarus starting next year, and Minsk will pass on export duties on products made from the Russian oil to Moscow, the neighbors' presidents said Thursday.
14.04.2010 125 Cities Across the Globe For a Free Belarus
On the night of 18th March 2010 the Young European Federalists (JEF) and numerous global partners protested against Europe's last standing dictatorship on the fourth anniversary of the disputed presidential elections in Belarus. The fifth consecutive "Free Belarus Action" took place in 125 cities on four continents, including cities in almost all European countries, even Belarus!
14.04.2010 From Minsk With Love
They were easy to spot, because they were all sporting scarlet red Belarus hockey jerseys.
14.04.2010 Polish Papers on Belarusian Poles
The Belarusian dictator has no accusations to bring against Poland and Belarusian Poles. He is engaged in war against the entire Belarusian nation.
14.04.2010 No Pro-Russian Party In Belarus, Russian Analyst Says
Not a single political party in Belarus regardless of whether it supports President Alexander Lukashenko can be described as pro-Russian, an indication of what the political elite in that country feels and what it assumes will attract the support of the Belarusian people, according to a Moscow analyst Alexander Avrukevich.
12.01.2010 Gradual Movement toward Europe May be Possible
Alyaksandr Milinkevich interview by Tereza Supova
12.01.2010 Belarus Will Remain Belorussia for Moscow Journalists and Scholars
Despite Minsk’s official insistence that Belarus is “the uniquely correct form of the name of our state” and the willingness of at least some Moscow officials to agree to that practice, Russian journalists and academics say they will continue to identify their Western neighbor as Belorussia.
12.01.2010 Appeasement in our Time: Berlusconi Goes to Belarus
BERLIN — This year has been full of celebrations of the peaceful revolutions of 1989, arguably the most important advance of freedom, democracy, and human rights in history. But this year has also seen rapid European rapprochement with (and some might say appeasement of) one of the world’s worst autocrats: Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus. Europe’s embrace reached a new level Monday when Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi paid an official visit to Minsk, the first by a Western head of government in over a decade.
12.01.2010 A delicate Balance Between East and West
Change is a dangerous thing for an autocrat, and Belarus’s Alexander Lukashenko is being buffeted by demands for just that as he tries to steer his country through the economic crisis and strained ties with Russia without losing control.
12.10.2009 Belarusans Basking in — Not Hiding From The Spotlights Glare
The Belarus Free Theatre has no official audience in Belarus, because officially the Belarus Free Theatre does not exist. Only state-run theaters exist in Belarus, which has been described as Europe's last dictatorship. Only approved plays exist, by approved, non-revolutionary playwrights. There are no revolutionary playwrights in Belarus. Officially.
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