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Belarusian Review

22.01.2011 Russia Uses Denial-of-Access Tactics Against Belarus
Oil SupplyDiversification

Belarus seeks to reduce its near total dependence on Russian oil by diversifying the range of supplier countries and import routes. Belarus’ massive oil-processing industry is largely export-oriented and a top currency earner for the national economy. It processes some 22 million tons of crude oil annually, almost all of it imported from Russia via the Druzhba pipeline, for the refineries at Mazyr and Navapolatsk in Belarus. Those imports are subject to the vagaries of Russian taxation and customs regimes, as well as the Russian government’s political objectives vis-à-vis Belarus.
22.01.2011 Belarus and China Signed $3.5 Billion Loan Agreement
Belarus and China have signed three loan agreements, eight commercial contracts and two framework agreements on the implementation of bilateral projects in energy, construction, industry, road and transport infrastructure for a total of $3.5 billion. The signing ceremony was held in Beijing during the visit of the Belarusian president to China on October 11.
06.07.2010 Customs Union instead of WTO?
Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus may be on the brink of creating a supranational body modelled on European integration, but this could be a difficult task given the problems that their customs union has faced so far, writes George Bovt, a journalist and political observer, in a March publication for the EU-Russia Centre.
06.07.2010 Belarus: Open for Business?
In early April, the reputable Business Week magazine focused on the Belarusian economy with a laudatory article that suggested the country had become a virtual Mecca for foreign investors. Belarus, it noted, has risen dramatically on the World Bank’s list based on the “ease of doing business” from its former 129 place to 58, well ahead not only of Russia (120) and Ukraine (142), but even Poland, its EU neighbor (72).
06.07.2010 Oil “Export” Duties: Peculiarity of the Russian-Led Customs Union
The Russian government is apparently moving to operationalize the nominal “union state” with Belarus through a process of economic absorption. Accession to the Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan Customs Union is not protecting Belarus against this process.
12.04.2010 Precarious Russia Oil Deal May Hit Belarus Refiners
Belarus may need to cut refinery runs after bending to Russian demands on the amount of oil it can import duty-free, traders said on Thursday, a day after the countries signed a deal to end a month-long oil dispute.
12.04.2010 Kremlin Energy Strategy Encompasses More Than Oil and Gas
The world's energy map is being redrawn and Russia intends to plant its flag in the centre of the new world order. Already amongst the biggest producers of oil and gas, Russia is using its store of petrodollars to make sure it stays in the game when the world's hydrocarbons start to run out – or at least become so expensive that everyone switches to alternative sources.
12.04.2010 Belarus’ Oil Sector: A Target Of Opportunity for Moscow
Russia’s threat to abolish its oil subsidies to Belarus aim not only to punish Minsk for its recent rapprochement with the European Union, but also to put the oil processing and oil transit in Belarus under the control of Russian companies (EDM, January 5).
11.10.2009 Financial Resources and Loans Are Most Important for Us
Recently, the Belarusian ruler, Alyaksandr Lukashenka, announced that favorable conditions exist for entering into a partnership with the European Union. At a Miensk meeting with European Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighborhood Policy, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, he stated, “Our desire to establish good relations with you is sincere, though some do not like it.” He suggested, “I think you won’t regret your visit to Belarus,” adding, “I’d like to have an absolutely sincere and honest dialogue,” (reports Interfax)..
11.10.2009 Belarus, Russia Solve Milk Row, Other Problems Loom
MINSK (Reuters) -- The end to a "milk war" bedeviling relations between Belarus and Russia could prove a mere truce masking strategic differences over trade, recurring gas disputes, and Belarus's drive to move closer to the West.
11.10.2009 Selling Belarus Family Jewels
Will Belarus's famous tractors be up for sale?
While the system constructed in Belarus over the last decade may not have been the most repressive in the post-Soviet world, it was certainly the most Soviet -- in terms of both the people that run it and the socioeconomic reality.
04.07.2009 Lukashenka Says Hes Ready To Consider Belarus Reforms
MINSK (Reuters) -- Belarus President Alyaksandr Lukashenka, long criticized as authoritarian in the West, said he could give suitably qualified opposition figures government jobs and make other political reforms demanded by Europe if this does not hurt the economy.
04.07.2009 Zombie Economy
The recession has pulled the curtain back on Belarus’ unusual economic model as it limps along with cash injections from international organizations and Russia. On the face of it, the economic crisis could be going worse for Belarus.
25.03.2009 Belarusians on a Shopping Spree
A sharp depreciation of the Belarusian ruble has resulted in long lines at Minsk currency-exchange booths and stores across the Belarusian capital.
25.03.2009 IMF Loan to be Used for Reforms
The US embassy in Minsk has called on Belarus to use the International Monetary Fund (IMF)'s $2.46-billion loan for additional structural economic reform.
25.03.2009 Belarusian Opposition Offers Alternative Crisis Plan
MINSK -- Representatives of the United Democratic Forces of Belarus (ADS) say they intend to hand their own plan for dealing with the global economic crisis to the presidential office.
25.03.2009 Elegant default
“Belarusian currency has devalued 4 times as much as Turkmen one, 1,000 times as much as Russian, 100,000 times as much as Lithuanian one.
25.03.2009 Belarus Devalues Its Currency
On January 2 residents of Belarus learned that the national currency—the Belarusian ruble (known locally as the zaichik or hare)—had been devalued by 20.5 percent against the US dollar, falling from around 2,200 to 2,650. In November and December the administration of President Alyaksandr Lukashenka had denied that such a move was in the offing. The announcement has not only derailed the vision of a unique Belarusian path in economic development, with progress linked to strong state intervention, but it has led to panic buying and uncertainty among the population as to what the new year will bring.
15.01.2009 Issue of Imports Will be Dealt with During the Financial Crisis
The worldwide financial crisis caused the Belarusian government to pay closer attention to imports. It initiated a new crusade against them.
15.01.2009 Belarus Seeks Credit From IMF
MINSK (Reuters) - Belarus has requested credit from the International Monetary Fund to uphold stability and economic growth rates amid global crises, the central bank said on October 22.
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